The vineyard

At the heart of the Champagne region

Ludes, a Premier Cru terroir

Ludes is the historical cradle of our family estate.
This delightful winegrower's village is located on the foothills of the Mountain of Reims, a few miles away from the city of Reims, otherwise known as the 'City of Coronations'. The ideal climate and situation made it possible for this terroir to be classified as Premier Cru, guaranteeing high quality grapes.

The vineyard

As it is almost always the case in the Champagne region, our estate consists of several small parcels located in various cru areas. We grow all three grape varieties authorised in the Champagne region, each adding its own specificity to the future wines when blending:

  • le Chardonnay: the grape variety which gives wine its delicate and fruity aromas, as well as hints of minerality, white flowers and citrus. Its development is slower than others, it is therefore ideal for ageing, producing refined and elegant wines, often described as ethereal. In age, they evolve towards toasty aromas.
  • le Pinot Noir: this variety adds structure to the wines as well as the necessary robustness to make it powerful and aromatic.
  • le Pinot Meunier: this variety provides supple, fruity wines and adds roundness to the blend, with flavours opening out rapidly.

We have the conviction that good quality wine grows out of good quality grapes.

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